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My name is Steve Rosewell...

I started taking photographs with my Dad in his Studio when I was at school. It was mainly portraiture and families of his work colleagues and the occasional Golf club captain thrown in.

This led to me taking a double photography class while I was in California as an exchange student for a year.

When I returned a year later I moved to London and went to work as a second Assistant to an advertising photographer Phil Jude who has shot everything from Rolling Stone album covers to Virgin airways campaigns.

Fast forward two years and I’m a freelance first assistant working in London and around the world on Fashion shoots in Costa Rica to Mercedes Cars in the mountains in Turkey.

During this time I trained as a clapper loader and started working on TV commercials with Phil and others, this led to a job with a production company called BFCS where I worked on many commercials and pop promos. Colleagues knew of my photographic past and I started to do some family portraits of the directors and weddings for the producers and production staff, I have been photographing Weddings ever since.

When I left BFCS I worked as a camera assistant on TV and films until I had my first child and took a step back from the tv world to care for him, this is when the photography really took off. I was asked to photograph a school and it has grown from there, I now have about 25 schools and playgroups I look after and have been for the past 18 years.

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